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3 R600s for a 400 person community room

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Ruckus recommended this solution to us.

we installed 3 R600's unleashed in a community room that needs to support 400 users.

The backbone is all aps joined to there own 2500 series Aruba POE switch. Directly out a 100Mbit fibre connection.

Basically becomes unusable after 60 users connect, and were not even hitting it hard this is just browsing web pages. 

Ruckus has had me reset them to factory 2 times and had a few calls but they seem to be spinning their wheels and we have never used these devices before.

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No authentication open wireless,  the internet does not appear to be a bottle neck the corporate network dosn't experience any slow down.  I would like to avoid buying another access point as the customer is already fairly irritate this isn't working yet.

Hi All

We usually deploy Wi-Fi for high density users. It is better to use GE Switch not FE, else you limit the throughput of the APs 

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here's the latest response of what to do from ruckus, I haven't tried the suggestions mentioned here 

Hi Matt,


I understand the issue still persists. Since we are not able to troubleshoot the issue when the issue occurs live, kindly execute the below commands from the Master APs CLI. The below commands will encourage the clients to join with a higher data rate to the WiFi.


ruckus> enable

ruckus# Config

ruckus(config)# wlan

ruckus(Config-wlan)# ofdm-only

ruckus(Config-wlan)# no qos directed-multicast ruckus(Config-wlan)# qos directed-threshold 0 ruckus(Config-wlan)# end


Please keep me posted on when the next event is scheduled. It is important for us to see the issue live in order to identify what is causing the issue. From the screenshots taken at the time of the event shows that all the clients were connected with good speeds to the WLAN.




Revathy Mariam Thomas

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