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Ruckus R500 POE AP + HP1820 Wireless Problem

New Contributor

Network: network Vlan 10), network Vlan 20)

Device: Vigor2960(DHCP) + HP1820 48Port Switch + Ruckus R500 Network Path: Firewall(DHCP)-> Switch-> Ruckus R500(Main network Vlan 10) -> Ruckus R500(Guest network Vlan 20)

PS: Switch is already assign a untagged port for Vlan 20, other port is vlan 10

       I already Tested the Firewall DHCP can assign , when I directly plug the PC to             the Firewall !

Question : When I already setup Vlan on Ruckus R500 both main and guest network on each wireless, but after I use the wireless device connected AP, it cannot be acquire IP address on network Vlan 20. Only have a main network(Vlan 10) is can be used ! I already test the AP, it can successful to ping to both network between Vlan 10 & 20 on Diagnostics page.

ThanksImage_ images_messages_5f91c3ec135b77e2478e7a32_d482410181d5abc7129569363ed8d605_RackMultipart2017033084068os0o-b7d40d35-8718-496f-8c26-37cd020e6b84-353591676.PNG1490860558