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3 R600s for a 400 person community room

New Contributor II
Ruckus recommended this solution to us.

we installed 3 R600's unleashed in a community room that needs to support 400 users.

The backbone is all aps joined to there own 2500 series Aruba POE switch. Directly out a 100Mbit fibre connection.

Basically becomes unusable after 60 users connect, and were not even hitting it hard this is just browsing web pages. 

Ruckus has had me reset them to factory 2 times and had a few calls but they seem to be spinning their wheels and we have never used these devices before.

New Contributor III

We use R600 unleashed APs for dedicated wireless requirements during corporate events and have never seen a problem like this before. However saying this, I wouldn't recommend that you ran 400 users over just 3 APs. Although they are within scope, their throughput would be subject to a bottleneck experience.

I assume that they are all connected to the same VLAN and route traffic through a shared gateway? Are the APs connected at 1Gbps from the switch? Have you added a second LAG link per AP? Is there any rate limiting from the switches or APs?

New Contributor II
400 is a pipe dream right now i would be happy to get to 200. all aps have a single 1Gbps link to the switch on their own VLAN.  COuld you possibly explain more about this 2nd lag link ?  this hasn't been brought up by ruckus support yet.  

Contributor II
My understanding is the R710 is the only AP that supports LAG or LACP.

What are your channels set to?

Do you have any QoS in place i.e rate limiting in place?

"The backbone is all aps joined to there own 2500 series Aruba POE switch. Directly out a 100Mbit fibre connection." : So you have 3 PoE switches and each AP is connected to a different switch? How are those switches connecting to your core router? Are you daisy chaining them?

New Contributor II
sorry ill describe it better.

3 aps all plugged directly into 1 Aruba 2500 series POE with no QOS running. This switch is only for this wireless setup nothing else is plugged into it.

The switch uses a secondary interface on my sonicwall router (NSA 250 M) to get out to the internet while staying completely separate from my corporate network.  

the corporate network is a municipal office and hockey rink with 20-60 users during business hours.

the channels look to be random on each radio not sure where that is set on these but they are all different.