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200.8 update for R310

New Contributor II
Why is there no 200.8 update for R310?

New Contributor III
because Unleashed 200.8 and later stop supporting 802.11ac "Wave 1" devices. 

The following 802.11ac "Wave 1" APs are no longer supported as of this release and cannot be upgraded to Unleashed
firmware version 200.8 or later:
• R310
• R500
• R600
• T300
• T300e
• T301n
• T301s

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Antoine,

Seems like the R310 is not supported. Found the below details from the release notes.

"802.11ac Wave 1 APs are no longer supported. Unleashed R310, R500, R600, and T300 series do not support firmware release 200.8 or later and cannot be upgraded to this release."

Check the below link for the release notes for more information.

OK, thank you, wil have to upgrade to newer hw...