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New Contributor II

Since upgrading to, Apply devices (laptops, phones etc) won't occasionally to the network, 2xH550 and 1xR650. When it happens, the  OS shows as "connected" but it fails at DHCP, DHCP is external to Ruckus with short (5 min leases). Never had this issue before, reverting to fixes it.  



I have seen similar issue's using unleashed version on the R750 with apple devices. It looks in my case an issue regarding roaming the client from one AP to another. It sometimes cannot connect or it stays connected but there is no IP traffic and you cannot browse a website for example. Toggle wifi off and om will fix it. Seen it on macbook and iphones.


Contributor III

I've logged a bug with Homepod Minis and Apple Watches not connecting at all on the new version. Until they resolve it, stick to 200.14.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Everyone,

We are working on this issue inhouse.
Can everyone confirm if you disable 802.11r and still facing the issue?

The fix is in 200.15 MR release which will be out in early April.

This workaround is working, please check and confirm.