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2.4Ghz Devices Continuously Dropping Out

New Contributor

We have a smart home blind controller that was working perfectly for quite a while but seems to have started experiencing connectivity issues with the WiFi network, maybe after I upgraded the Unleashed firmware. The blind controller app reports the device as being offline many times during the day and then it reconnects for a short period of time before dropping off again.

I tried downgrading Unleashed to an older version but the problem is still occurring and I don't recall what version I was on before the upgrade.

We also have problems with our smart bulbs and plugs where they lose connectivity as well so I don't think it is an issue with individual devices but seems to be a problem with the 2.4Ghz network in general.

I have downloaded various logs from the Unleashed system but am not sure what I am looking for to troubleshoot this further. Which logs should I look at for client connectivity issues? Does anyone have tips for things that might cause issues with the 2.4Ghz network?


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Thanks for the responses. I went through the configuration of the APs and noticed that they all had the Channelization option enabled and a specific Channel selected (a different channel for each AP).

I remember doing this a while back to try and resolve connectivity issues for some smart lights, but when I removed these options and left them as the default values of Auto and Auto on each AP, then the blinds controller seems to be working OK now. Does it sound likely that this could have caused the connectivity issues?

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Hi @jasonhill 

The AP connectivity issue could be due to multiple reasons. If you could share the AP support log with me (DM) and share couple client MAC getting dropped frequently we could help further.

Can you please follow below and share the logs :

Unleashed WebUI>>Access Point>>Select the AP>>Show AP info>>Download support logs.

Best Regards


  • using Channels beside 1,6 or 11, So Channelfly or background scanning and having AP's shift channels too frequently. Inexpensive IoT wifi soc's are not sophisticated.
  • Having directed-multicast on.
  • too many AP's or too few AP's


Hi @vesalius 
Were you able to share the AP support file Vineet requested earlier? AP support logs will help us to understand more on the issue and identify the root cause.
Or you can also create a support case so that we can track the issue and assist you further from the case.

I was only offering some solutions to OP that worked for me in the past. I don't have issues or logs to share on this one.