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Turn off Wireless

New Contributor III
I have a R310 and I'm looking for a way, in the software, to disconnect / pause / turn off the wireless. Is there a way as I can't see one and I've been unplugging the thing to get the resolve I want. Is there an easier way?

Contributor II
look for enable radio

New Contributor III
No - nothing like that. Honestly, spent ages looking at the GUI. I can't find any way which is why I came here and all i get is cryptic replies. Unless you KNOW a way for CERTAIN, please don't respond. If you do  - then describe the path. Thanks

Valued Contributor II
since you are using a standalone AP... hence check this out..
goto configuration --> Radio 2.4ghz --> SSID tab --> disable wireless availability
do the same for 5ghz for all those SSID you want to turn off WiFi
hope this helps..

Image_ images_messages_5f91c43a135b77e2479cd29a_21b1c7e6b9f42f4142e300bd2d688dc8_RackMultipart201803085559qa4j0-99190a0b-e839-4e34-8b94-0bf1e1319c5d-1178997883.PNG1520513223

New Contributor III
Thanks for that. I think there's some confusion here since my interface is different from the above and that's probably why I'm not seeing radio anywhere.Image_ images_messages_5f91c43a135b77e2479ce1fa_751074ebaf4e205195f7072419a9d5a0_RackMultipart2018030852007dvn4-40f6998f-a8d4-49eb-8bfe-a56d2d327da7-975291474.PNG1520532931

Having said that, Services does have this but there is still no option to turn on/off.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c43a135b77e2479ce1fa_0cb6b5fe3e7a85260b8ba29e9b78aa46_RackMultipart201803081122716rs-44ed0a37-8c24-4e07-9d7b-00fee623385c-1444743537.PNG1520533038

Valued Contributor II
no problem, happy to help
refer to this link -->
this will help in turning off the radio on the can always turn it on whenever u feel like