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AD Authentication with Mac address flitering

New Contributor

I'm currently using Ruckus Virtual Smartzone - High Scale running version

i am looking into running AD authentication on a Wireless network that links into our LAN but what i dont want to happen is people to authenticate with their AD account on their personal devices so would want to create a MAC address access list to go with the AD authentication is this possible?

or do you have another solution?

we do already have an SSID for guest and private devices IE personal phones which just go straight out to the internet.

Thanks for your advice.

Valued Contributor II
you can create OS based device policy (denying android, IOS etc and allowing windows, Mac os and linux) and you can apply the same to the AD based WLAN.  that shud do the trick

New Contributor
okay so if i had AD based authentication for the WLAN could i lock the policy down to domain computers or am i starting to go into the realms of a RADIUS server?