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How to detect vlan issues on switch ports connected to AP's

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I have 600 AP's being controlled by a pair of Smartzone 100's.  I do not have access to the switches.  There are several SSID's being broadcast and each of them is associated with a different tagged vlan on the switched network.  For example, each AP broadcasts the "Internet" SSID and connects clients on this SSID to VLAN 100 on the switch.

I discovered an access point that did not have VLAN 100 tagged on the switch port it was connected to (the port on the actual PoE switch did not have vlan 100 tagged on it). 

Without having access to the switches, how can I tell if this is happening to other access points?  In an Aruba network, if a tagged VLAN is missing off of the switchport that an AP is connected to, that AP will not broadcast the SSID that is supposed to connect to that VLAN.  Presumably the AP can detect that there is not traffic on the tagged vlan for that SSID.

One of the answers is to tunnel all traffic back to the controller as this would eliminate the problem of missing tagged vlans on switches.  But in this case the aggregate traffic on the SSID for all of the AP's would exceed the 1G port on the controller.

Does anybody know a way to detect VLAN issues using only the SZ controller or the AP's? 

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Hello Tobias,

   The AP CLI command "get interface" will list the Eth0, Eth1, and all WLANx interface port type and tagged VLAN details.
WLANs below 32 are your 802.11b/g/n and WLANs above 32 are your 802.11a/n/ac WLANs.

    You might need to write a script of some kind, and it might take visual inspection to insure all your WLAN VLANs are
inlcluded and up.

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Thanks for this - is there any command that can get the packet statistics on a vlan, incoming and outgoing?

New Contributor II
What I am really after is to detect whether the VLAN is correctly applied to the switch port on the switch that connects to the AP.  If incoming packets on a vlan are 0 then that is a good indication that the vlan on the switch is not properly configured.