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Lost heartbeat

New Contributor II
I am new to Ruckus.  Getech recently installed Unleashed and seven r500 APs.  I get messages at the same time each morning that the APs lose heartbeat what is this?  Is it serious?  Doesn't last long and doesn't seem to cause a major problem.  I would like to know what is happening though and how to fix it?  Thanks

Heartbeats are sent between the controller and the AP, usually in specific increments. Depends on which controller you are using, but here's a reference for AP to ZD that I made, keep in mind this is unofficial but pretty close:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c447135b77e2479fd921_538cae1a84315e025cb1dbd05702536d_RackMultipart20190422100802v6a-533636c4-da8e-43ab-a468-ee308c14d7eb-2079647274.PNG1555939839

New Contributor II
Thanks for this interesting explanation Nick. In this case the first AP set up acts as controller as unleashed is ‘controller less’. I will raise a case with Ruckus support to see how I might overcome this problem. Thanks again. Steve