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I push the reset buttom for more than 15 seconds, and now i can't get teh dir IP to set up the wireless..

New Contributor
can't reset the R300 AP

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Henry,

Tech Support recommends power on your AP and wait 2 minutes to be sure it has fully booted
before pressing the indented Reset button next to the Eth port.  You should see the LEDs on the
AP flash, as you let off on the button, if the reset is working. 

What are you using to press the Reset button, and do you feel the button go down a little as you
press on it?

Also, to talk to a factory defaulted AP you are setting up, it's usually best to directly connect a PC/
laptop that's hard coded with a (anything but .1) with an Eth cable.  Run a continuous
ping to from a CMD prompt until you get a reply, and 15-20 seconds later, you should
be able to open a browser to  (super/sp-admin).

If you don't have an AP power supply, try only having the AP and PC/laptop connected to the PoE
switch that you're using.  Does this help?

New Contributor II
the rj45 port is blinking ambar and then green and the ping never goes alive and reach it, wifi island is broadcasting, is the r300 damaged?

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Carlos,

Island-NNNNNN is available on non-mesh or standalone APs.  It comes up when,
  1. AP in factory default.
  2. Or, AP cannot reach its gateway.
Island WLAN gets disabled when,
  1. AP is no longer in factory default.
  2. And, AP can reach its gateway.
If you are not able to ping the default IP through the LAN. 
Connect to the Island SSID and see if you can ping

If yes, please access it and configure the AP.

New Contributor II
But icant Connect island ssid cause i dont hace the password