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vsZ 5.1 comparing VS zd1200 10.2 setups for migration from zd1200 to vsZ-H 5.1

New Contributor III
We are looking at moving from the ZD1200 running 10.2 to a vsZ-H running 5.1.

I've come across some strange configurations in the vsZ that will not allow me to replicate our settings from the ZD1200. 

In the vsZ, i am trying to create a wireless LAN that is setup as a HOTSPOT (WSPr) and uses our Active Directory accounts to authenticate our users. It would seem the vsZ only supports RADIUS via this method unless i'm missing something.

Here are screen shots from my ZD1200:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c401135b77e247915d86_d81de7c7b01cdc73d7fe88122f19a3ba_RackMultipart20190404844021m7y-4edd12bb-0b0e-4cab-b9c6-c2df7e5c244e-867295376.JPG1554365235
Image_ images_messages_5f91c401135b77e247915d86_a2374dfc180cd653a6cf87e418721df8_RackMultipart20190404917934u31-97419c51-da5c-485a-947d-b31c07aa78bd-537538253.JPG1554365278

Image_ images_messages_5f91c401135b77e247915d86_33cc8cc8646c950c5b842d3ce9cf4411_RackMultipart20190404436001o8v-83b18245-85d0-4da7-922a-d11f9294595b-1411480803.JPG1554365290

and here are screen shots from my vsZ which will not allow me to choose the AD AAA server which i've configured

Image_ images_messages_5f91c401135b77e247915d86_acd9ec3116c0e24a2c60b4be1da5e296_RackMultipart20190404116773n9e-ed4ec887-37c4-4f96-95a7-110c52a981ad-1994397557.JPG1554365479

Image_ images_messages_5f91c401135b77e247915d86_329864f5e0fad5fd10c6b105f5f0fbea_RackMultipart20190404124094rv8-61670073-f195-4980-98d6-2628ba140a92-650688042.JPG1554365493

There is no way i can replicate my settings from the ZD1200 to the vsZ therefore i'm feeling stuck with the zd1200.

Also, i am struggling with the User Role Mapping from the ZD200 to the vsZ. The ZD1200 seems alot easier to configure than the vsZ.

Here are my ROLES configuration on the ZD1200 which can be found in Serivces and Profiles > ROLES.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c401135b77e247915d86_b270c0948227b1587e47e55e9f9becad_RackMultipart20190404113569v6w-b77b0d53-71c6-4f46-9b33-92121422164a-581649657.JPG1554365901
Where on earth is this in the vsZ as this stops users from accessing SSIDs that they shouldn't have access to?

Even though the vsZ has come on in features, i do still think it's lacking some major features that i have been requesting for years.

Am i making the wrong choice using the vSZ-H, should i be using the vSZ-E? would that give me the options i'm looking for?

New Contributor III

I'll try to help here in phases as I can test/recreate scenarios.  For the WISPr Authentication Server, it looks like it actually creates it under the Proxy (SZ Authenticator) sub menu for Authentication servers.  If you created it under Non-Proxy (AP Authenticator) menu, it will not show up in the dropdown.  The simplest solution here would be to simply create the Auth server from within the WLAN creation workflow (by hitting the + button beside the dropdown menu).

I'm not super fluent w/the ZD platform, so I'll have to do a bit of additional digging on the Roles, their purposes and how that relates to the vSZ platform.

Have you tried the ZD migration under administration on the left column.  It will allow you to migrate the settings from the ZD to the VSCG-H or -E.