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vSZ cannot migrate ZD3k after updating to v10.

I am running vSZ version and trying to use the ZD Migration Tool to migrate from a ZD3k. When the ZD was on I was getting a strange tftp error after selecting AP's to migrate, and the process would fail. After a lot of troubleshooting I decided to move one of our ZDs to the latest version hoping that might clear it up. Ever since moving the ZD to the vSZ fails the migration instantly with a network error:

Can't connect to ZoneDirector. Please check IP, User name, Password and make sure ZoneDirector is reachable.

I have other ZDs that are still on and the vSZ has no problem connecting to them during the migration process. It only seems to be affecting ZDs on The ZD can ping the vSZ's control interface, and vice versa. We are trying to proof-of-concept this process for our upcoming vSZ deployment but so far we have not been able to perform a single successful migration. 

Is this a known issue? It's worth mentioning that the vSZ is a 90-day evaluation. Is the migration process supported on an eval?

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Nick,

I hope the TFTP is allowed between the SZ and the ZD as moment you hit connect, it will download ZD backup file. Further the password you use for the ZD should match the SZ's password security rule. If not, you could not start the migration process. Could you please check if ZD password have an Upper Case Letter, a Number and a special character in it.


Thanks for the quick reply. The vSZ's control interface is on the same subnet as the ZD, and there are no L2/L3 access restrictions configured. Is the vSZ using the control interface for this migration process?

The password on the ZD and vSZ meet those requirements. 

Hi Nick,

If it is a 3 NIC configuration, it depends upon which interface is configured as the default gateway. The same interface should have connectivity to the ZD.


Right now the vSZ has the management interface set as the gateway. Is it possible to change which interface is configured as the default gateway? 

This still would not explain why the vSZ can begin the migration process with ZD's that are on an earlier version of code, but not the latest version