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vSZ-H - Unable to find feature to hide a specific SSID and apply Wireless whitelisting based on MAC address

New Contributor
I have a client with Ruckus vSZ-H controller. I am trying to apply MAC based whitelisting and hide the specific SSID. Can someone please advise where on the controller i can go for and apply settings. Thanks!

New Contributor III
This might vary based on the version of code you're running, but under the Wireless LANs section, you can select your WLAN you wish to make these changes to.  Go down under Advanced Options.  From there, the L2 Access Control Service is where you'd apply a MAC filter (since MAC addresses are layer 2).  There's a radio button there to either allow only these MACs or block only these MACs.  Further down in the Advanced Options is the option to "Hide SSID - Hide SSID in beacon broadcast (closed system)".


New Contributor
Thanks Brian, it worked for me.