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vSZ-D (vDP) configuration overwritten by vSZ-H?

New Contributor
I'm running a vSZ-H to which two different virtual data planes (vSZ-D, vDP) are connected.
While connecting and using the first vDP went smooth, I have trouble using the second vDP.

I set up the second vDP as normal, gave it a hostname, a local admin password, and set the controller IP address. After that, the vDP showed up at the controller under "System" / "Cluster" as expected.

After "appove"ing the vDP, something strange happened: the vDP changed its hostname to "vdp" and the password I defined during the setup does no longer work, e.g. I can't log in to the vDP's CLI via SSH anymore.

I can't find any option to set the vDP's hostname or password in the vSZ-H web interface. Can you give me a hint?

(BTW: The first vDP I connected and approved kept its hostname and password.)

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