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how to move license from one vSZ to another?

New Contributor II
I've figured out what's wrong with our Ruckus install.

The controller CPU is maxed out most of the day.

So I've got a brand new fast machine here, and I've installed the same vSZ version on it.

I saved the config from the old vSZ, and uploaded it to the new one... Looks OK.

I've hit a brick wall on how to license it.

I tried to remove the existing controller's license on the Ruckus portal.  But couldn't get the new one to register.  I had to reallocate the license to the old controller.  Both ended up on 1 AP, but I got the old one re-registered OK with 60 APs.

The other trouble I have is the  new controller reports it's *** Cluster Out of Service *** even after an hour..  Which means it won't accept a license file.

I would've just moved the VM but it's disk is 100GB and I don't want the wifi down for that long.

I think I'm going to need a hand with this one.

many thanks,

Hi Craig,

If Cluster is out of service, please check if any of its services is down. To check the status of the services please go to Administration>>Diagnostics>>Application logs. I would recommend you to open a support case with the services status, based upon which we would be able to assist you with this migration.

Abilash PR