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vSZ - Authentication setup - Cannot see non-proxy AD setting

New Contributor III
I've just purchased the vSZ and installed it as vSZ-E. I'm in the process of setting it up and moving my settings over from my existing 1100 however i'm having an issue with the authentication.

Here's what i've got..
-- AAA servers - Non-Proxy AAA
---- Authentication Service - Active Directory

-- Hotspot (WISPr)
---- Staff Portal

-- WLANs
----- Staff-BYOD
------- Set as a Hotspot. Now here comes the problem, Hotspot portal - Authentication Server. Cannot see the Active Directory AAA server.

So i decided to create a Radius AAA Non-proxy authentication server and this shows.

Is this a known bug that ruckus know about?


New Contributor III
Create AD Profile under


I had this same issue in the past

New Contributor III
I don't see Services under configuration so here's a few snips of what i see in vSZ 3.4.1

The Non-Proxy stuff:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c42a135b77e24799820f_953dc588048994091765a214b6d4d638_RackMultipart2017032550389euch-7cc137aa-134e-48c6-a78b-1f37084d5db2-2072618218.PNG1490432243

No AD profiles in the WLAN settings

Image_ images_messages_5f91c42a135b77e24799820f_dcaa99ef8efc46430593612c665cb5ff_RackMultipart2017032550352rbby-d6f2c4ca-4282-47da-a565-c63d2cdfad90-1150991579.PNG1490432256

And i dont see what you mentioned Configuration > Services > Authentication

Image_ images_messages_5f91c42a135b77e24799820f_85ee1df928daf2595380cde3ca1b6c44_RackMultipart201703251071741yy-daf11155-46f2-4426-ba69-4ff8d6c2f9d2-1258426093.PNG1490432210Image_ images_messages_5f91c42a135b77e24799820f_b210402b47e9b9451e164579dc6cfd8d_RackMultipart2017032511781614p-46a399c8-c894-4dc0-9a40-41656331447e-1938500712.PNG1490432223

New Contributor III
Are you a superadmin of this smartzone? Or tenant with access only to your zone?

New Contributor III
Super admin, its a fresh image downloaded from the ruckus downloads section. I only setup it up yesterday on hyper-v.