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Announcement: SmartZone 3.4.2 (MR2) is Available on Support

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus Engineering and QA have resolved a number of important bugs, incorporated into
the new SZ 3.4.2 (MR2) software release for SCG200, SZ-100, vSZ-E, vSZ-H controllers.
Release Notes and MD5 checksum'd firmware images and MIBs can be downloaded from
Support at these URLs.  Remaining documentation will be posted soon by TechPubs.

SmartZone (MR2) ReleaseNotes:


SmartZone 3.4.2 (MR2) SoftwareRelease (SCG200):

SmartZone 3.4.2 (MR2) SoftwareRelease (SZ-100): 

vSZ (MR2) SoftwareRelease (ximg image): 

vSZ (MR2) SoftwareRelease (ESXi / AWS .ova image):

vSZ (MR2) SoftwareRelease (KVM qcow2 image):

vSZ (MR2) SoftwareRelease (GCE raw.tar image): 

vSZ (MR2) SoftwareRelease (Hyper-V / Azure vhd image): 

vSZ-D (MR2) SoftwareRelease (.ximg image):

vSZ-D (MR2) SoftwareRelease (ESXi ova image):

vSZ-D (MR2) SoftwareRelease (KVM qcow2 image):

SmartZone 3.4.2 (MR2) MIBs forSCG200 and vSZ-H (.zip):

SmartZone 3.4.2 (MR2) MIBs forSZ-100 and vSZ-E (.zip):