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vSZ 5.1.2 "Signature Pack" out of date?

Valued Contributor II
I just tried updating my vSZ-E instance from 5.1.1 to 5.1.2 and when trying to update the AP zone firmware, I get a warning that the signature pack 1.380 is out of date and I need 1.4xx or newer.

Going to the Application Control tab, sure enough, the signature package version is still .380.

Will there be a separate signature pack update posted?

Contributor III
yes.. it SHOULD be available to download from the support page. But sometimes it takes a while to show up or you need to ask support for it.

But yes, never understood why, but needs to be updated separately.

Valued Contributor II
Thanks! Yeah seems like it's included in the ova for new appliances but not in the ximg upgrade package. I ended up just creating a new appliance and importing a backup; took less than an hour.

New Contributor III
I used the upgrade ximg also. Standing one up clean and importing a backup sounds good. Unfortunately I'm in the midst of a ESXi hardware upgrade with limited space (stacking VM's like pancakes during the upgrade to move old servers out, lol). Gotta rack and stack some more servers. I have requested a signature package from support in the meantime.

New Contributor III