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vSCG or ZoneDirector?

New Contributor
I cannot find a comparison chart between vSCG and ZD, whats the difference?
And which one is better for small-scale deployment (1 Controller + 10 R500 APs)?

ZD1205 is a bit cheaper, on the other hand vSCG looks more reliable, because it can be deployed on VMware HA-cluster whitout addition expenses. But I am worry about features lacking in SCG (AD Authentication etc).

Months ago I had the same questions to replace my ZD1100's.  And from what I understood at the time the vSCG is not ready to take over ZD duties as of yet.... it's coming.  The features are just not there.

So I just bought a Smart Redundancy pair of ZD1205's which I have not yet implemented.  I plan to run those for a few years before upgrading to a virtual appliance.

But maybe the features are now available.

Valued Contributor II
just for 10 APs it's better to go for ZD1200.
 It will be cheaper, easier and no need for any additional hardware, software and configuration. Pair of ZD1200s is feature-rich and very reliable solution, actually the best on market now for small systems.
vSCG is designed for bigger implementations, so scalability was more important than the widest feature set. You also need some Linux skills to install and support it, and VmWare infrastructure, which isn't actually free (especially if you whant to have high availability cluster).
vSCG just is a big size product, and for small installation it isn't the best choice.
Anyway, most important features are there, so you can use it if you really want to do so. But it will be more expensive. It may be more reliable, if you can locate it on high reliability VmWare infrastructure (and as much as I understand licensing, to run 2 instances in a cluster you need 2 vSCG licenses) it will be very reliable, but it will be quit an overkill for just running 10 APs.
Of cause, if you just happened to have free unused  VmWare resources, are friendly with Linux and are ready to pay for all needed licenses, you can do it and it will work well.
I would like to comment that AD authentication (if you mean WEB authentication through AD) is nowhere in the list of most useful features -- it is not secure for enterprise use, and nobody will manage guests through AD.
For enterprise users you just use WPA2/Enterprise encryption with Radius authentication (usually   with NPS and AD), which, of cause, is there.
There are some useful features which are not yet included: spectrum analyses, packet capturing, Dynamic-PSK and some application reports, otherwise it mainly has pretty similar functionality with ZD.