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smartzone 不断重新认证




RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Cangqingse,

Thank you for choosing RUCKUS Network.

As per understanding, Initially you are trying to connect to the LDAP authentication WLAN and then you are connecting to the PRESHARED KEY WLAN.

May i know why you are switching the authentication within the grace period ?


Sunil Acharya

hi Sunil Acharya
I have a total of 3 signals with different permissions, so the authentication method is different
After LADP authentication, switch to another signal and link back to the LADP authentication signal
Will need to authenticate again
Due to different permissions and the need to frequently switch signals, we hope to resolve the issue of why continuous authentication is required within the grace period.
The screenshot in the attachment shows the setting of the grace period
Thank you.

Certification is still required if the grace period is not exceeded

Where else do I need to set this


Hi Cangqingse,

This is expected behavior as the client is connected to different SSID in the same controller network which consider the client as new session for the PSK SSID and will terminate the older Session with LDAP authentication.

Once the user is disconnected from the PSK SSID and reconnects to LDAP authentication. It consider as new session and follows the process while connecting as new client to the LDAP SSID.

Try to disconnect to LDAP SSID and don't connect to any SSID for 5 mins and then reconnect to the LDAP SSID and check if the certification progress is still asking for the connection.



Sunil Acharya

hi Sunil Acharya 

      Can I turn off the PSK SSID? Because we previously used ZoneDirector ZD5100, this situation did not occur. Switching to smartzone has this situation.