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i lost the AP activation lisc file , how to re issue?

New Contributor II


silly as it seems i recieved the AP management license last year

i saved the file somewhere and now i need to deploy the APs in my project

i cannot find the file anywhere. 

is it possible to find the file in my partner portal 

how can i got the issued licenses or re-issue them 


Valued Contributor

Hi Mohammad,

Is this for a SmartZone? If so and you connect your SZ to the internet, it should automatically download the license entitlement.

Alternatively, log-in to your Ruckus Support site account and access the 'LiMan' License Manager to view your purchased license entitlements.

Hope that helps,

Hi Darrel

yes i have a smartzone100 and 200 APs 

i had downloaded the liscences from a link provided by the local Ruckus distributor . i misplaced it and now i am trying to see if i can get it re issued.

i had not installed in in the system yet. 


 APTEC eLicense Center- eLicense Upload


File Name





Invoice No



i just checked the LiMan manager and it shows all as zero 

isnt there a way to download my old liscences

Hi Mohammad,

Please open a support case and reach out to them with Invoice and activation code. They will help you to map and download the license again.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI