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how to assign specific WLAN for specific AP, is it possible?

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i use VirtualSmartZone with 30 access point, default Access Point Zone,  group,  default WLAN Zone and group.

There is no problem work with all Access point with WLANs.

The scenario is i want to adding one more WLAN for specific Access point only, but how to link up the WLAN and this specific access point?

Also, i try to setup a new wlan Group and wlan under Default Zone, I can't see the wlan ssid, it only work under default wlan Group.


New Contributor II


Hi @ben_leung 

Glad to know but just as FYI, Procedure to configure the Zone, AP group within the Zone and mapping WLAN group on it

Step1: Go to Configuration > AP Zones > Create a Zone
Step 2: Once the Zone is configured, Click on the Zone >> AP group >> Click Create New
Step 3: Create an AP group with the name and Click OK
Step 4: To configure the new WLAN group, go to Configure >> AP Zone >> Click on the Zone >> Go to WLAN

Under WLAN configuration:

Create a new WLAN which needs to be broadcast in the network

Under WLAN group > Create a new WLAN group and select the WLAN that needs to be mapped under it.

Uncheck the rest which are not required on this WLAN group

Once it is done, Go to AP group >> Click on the AP group

Scroll down a little Under Radio Options >> WLAN group, Select Override Zone Configuration and map the WLAN which we created.

Once its done, click Apply to complete the configuration.

After that, under group members, you can select the AP that needs to be added to this group. Once it is added, the APs present under this group will broadcast the SSIDs which are mapped under the WLAN of this group

Best Regards


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