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guest portal sometimes slow (up to 5 minutes)

New Contributor II
We are a school with 7 different buildings.
All our buildings are equipped with ruckus AP's (500, 510 and 710) and we use vscg 
We also use a guest portal. When a user connects to this guest portal it can take up to five minutes before the authentication screen pops up.. some more details

- one location i never saw this happen (always fast, but this the location where some things have changed to ap's because of a previous incident.
- we often use chromebooks. But these are not the only devices with delays.
- sometimes connecting with one device takes 5 minutes while the other (chromebook + phone) is (close to) instant [the offered url is the same (so.... same ap within seconds apart)]
- sometimes connecting goes instant while connecting two hrs later takes 5 minutes (same building)
- I already made a support call with ruckus, but it can definitely not hurt to post here as well

thank you in advance

Tjeerd Kootstra

Valued Contributor II
if this guest portal page is opening correctly all the time on wire at all locations. pls confirm.if yes then so called slow loading would be because of congestion/wifi interference... need to put troubleshooting efforts in that direction...

Ok.. I want to try tyhat.. if i knew how to cnnect to the guest-portal wired (assigned to a SSID). 
Other thing... It is never a 15 seconds delay (for example)... always an immediate response or a (roughly) 5 minute delay

guest portal which some times is failing to load will have an URL...simple connect your machine to LAN in that building and try accessing that URL on browser... see the difference...for example -- just like trying to browse to wifi and same you trying on wire through LAN...

ok.. thanks.. have tried this...

the error thru wired is : Access Error: Page not found
invalid IP address.

other tests i performed... (on the location where i never had problems...

connect to guests... i get the :9997 url (immediately)
connect to other ssid (but same vlan)... unable to go to same url, checked the ap i was connected to... was differenr... used the ip of the other ap in the url... still unable to connect