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ZD Map defaults is way too small

Contributor II
When you show the Dashboard on a ZoneDirector (1200 here), the Map view is zoomed several levels out, meaning the operator needs to zoom in 3-5 times before the area is any good.

Initial zoom:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3df135b77e2478bf7cb_47f7a52596d20e8d99922315d3b39d22_RackMultipart2017120655093qe4v-4802fc82-1cef-4ca4-9681-0a5c52625d93-1284178107.png1512567463

Zoom in 4 times:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3df135b77e2478bf7cb_0e37e50efdc5a8eb90fc4f713788d8cd_RackMultipart20171206970563dfy-93312dc2-2b81-41cf-90cc-56a09e69c935-1276845870.png1512567501

AP's start to show in the right locations.
It's also not completely centred, so the zooming moves some of the AP's outside the view.. 

View used: Google Maps

The GM API should be able to make a more decent boundary of the objects shown on the maps - question is, why is the zoom level this far out?

ZD 1200
FW: build 35

New Contributor
I totally agree! Even a user-defined start zoom level would be appreciated.