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editing a wlan through api

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I am stuck on trying to update an existing WLAN and am hoping someone can steer me towards the right direction. I am using this guide: 

I am using Zapier webhooks, I am able to login as well as pull the wlan data through the API, but I cannot seem to figure out what is needed for updating an existing wlan. I am using this call:
[WLAN] Modify


Use this API command to modify the configuration of a WLAN.

I set my zap as a patch, add in the proper url with the ZONEID and wlan ID filled in. I have confirmed these by viewing the wlan in zapier using these keys to extract the data.

The part I feel I need assistance from is what needs to be in the body of the request.. The docs have every possible field in the schema, but to just edit a portion I assume you dont need the entire json schema, so i tried this:

"ssid": "TestSSID",
"encryption": {
"method": "WPA2",
"algorithm": "AES",
"passphrase": "TestPass"
"flexiVpnProfile": {
"zoneAffinityId": "ca1edc50-c839-11e6-afc9-525400da2f0d"


but I get back a "your session has timed out" error. This seems to be the default error as I get this on all other requests until i figure out what is exactly needed.

does anyone know what is needed to get the api call to work in zapier?

Thank you,



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RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Nicholas,

If possible can you share the screenshot of error.

Vijay Kuniyal

Staff Technical Support Engineer

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