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ZD to vSZ Migration


I have two controllers. One of them is ZD 1200 and another one is vSZ configured as an Essentials with one interface (the location is really small and we don't need to separate traffic)

Controllers have to serve different sub-networks. Let’s say ZD: and SZ Each sub-network has your own DHCP server.

In the beginning all AP were connected to ZD. After vSZ installation I switched some of APs to the new controller (vSZ). My problem is the APs still have old IP addresses from first the network (

How can I migrate APs to the new sub-network?


New Contributor III
Hi Igor,

May I know the software version running on the vSZ-E and the Zone director.

Starting from 3.5 vSZ release, we introduced an option of ZD migration under Administration --> ZD Migration. You can configure the Zone director IP address with the username and password and click Connect. It will list all the the AP's under the ZD and you can select AP's that you want to migrate.

Note : ZD versions 9.13, 9.13.1, 9.13.2 and 9.13.3 are supported

Vivek Gupta

Hi Vivek,

thanks for the answer. I did the migration successfully. It is not a problem. But i didn't understand why APs got IP addresses from the first DHCP.
Ok. I think it because of DHCP-server settings.

Contributor II
Hi Igor, 

The IP of the AP doesn't have much to do with the controllers that manage it.  That is a management network configuration on your switches.  If you want APs to be on the same network, just simply change the VLAN on the switch that is configured for the APs you want so that they go to the network IP that you want them to be in.  From the controller perspective, they don't care what the IP of the AP is as long as they can talk to them.  

Simply change the access VLAN on the switch to correspond to the VLAN you want the AP management space to be in.  Hope this helps.

New Contributor II
1. Set up a DHCP server with the OPT 43 information and the subnet you want the APs to have -
2. download the CSV file from vSZ, populate AP info in .csv then upload to the Zone you wan the AP to reside.
3.  in the vSZ configure the zone that is replacing the ZD be sure to include the subnet from step one
3. migrate APs from ZD to vSZ, when they reboot they will look for the DHCP sever in step one.  The OPT 43 will point them to the vSZ the vSZ will see their subnet as Zone you configured in step 3 and the APs will find a home in the default AP group.
Making them work is like the ZD