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XenServer 7.x

New Contributor II
How to install virtuell Smart Zone on a XenServer? Is this possible? Thanks in advance... 

New Contributor III
You can do it. I have Done it before. However it is not officially supported.

New Contributor II
Thank you!

I tried the version 3.5 and downloaded this file vSZ (GA) Software Release (ESXi / AWS .ova image) but the import in XenCenter fails (without an qualified error message like "no Object Reference..."). Do you know which Version you tried and if it worked "out of the box" or did you install it "via xen shell commands" ? 

OK, tried XenServer 6.5 with 3.5 -> it works!!! Solved... I think now i can export an import to XenServer 7.x!

Hi,Each release notes of vSZ has the full list of hypervisors which are supported.You can find the release notes on the portal.Kind regardsMartin