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We have VSZ and ZD in the same building, how do I make a device persist in just one controller?

New Contributor II
Some AP's are old, so they cannot be migrated from ZD to VSZ. And in a building where, on the third floor there is an AP with VSZ, users are reporting instability in the connection. I found that these users are taking over the controller, sometimes taking VSZ on the same floor, sometimes opening a session on the ZD, of the AP on the second floor. My boss asked me to return all APs to the ZD, but I am not able to downgrade the firmware, a message appears that something is not enabled and the ZD with the new firmware does not recognize the AP.

New Contributor III
Simple way to use switches vlan, get the old model ap in vlan x where the ZD LAN untagged to same vlan x, all new ap's need to be in vlan Y where the vsz also untagged to same vlan Y, so now each ap's will go to won controller

New Contributor III
Also make sure to send the command set scg ip for each ap so the AP go back to the correct controller

Esteemed Contributor II
Or you might have to re-flash your AP with a Solo image, and give it 'set director ip a.b.c.d' command (to point to a ZD).