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VsZ. and DPSK. Would like to import file and OVERRIDE existing MAC entries. Possible?

New Contributor II

Hello Calixto,

Yes, you can override the existing MAC entries DPSK key. Importing a CSV file that contains a MAC address to which an existing DPSK (on the same target WLAN) is already assigned will replace the existing DPSK on the controller database. Kindly refer the below link and search for keyword "Importing Dynamic PSKs".

Best Regards

I did that indeed...but produces an error every time I try. It is a simple setup, one or two MAC in the file. I need to delete MAC first to accept the file again

Maybe is a version issue.

We got  here

or maybe is a bug and it is worth opening a case

Hello Calixto,

You can open a case either by online using below link and filling your details:

or you can call our support line and an Admin team member would log a case for you as per your details provided.

Best Regards

The official response is that if the row is identical it will not overridden. No sense.

If I update 5 MACs out of 200, I cannot import the whole file, need to manually delete 195 MAC before uploading the file.

Deleting all is no an option when working with different accounts in a public venue