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VSZ-H rebalancing of APs between nodes in a cluster

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Hello, may I ask how does the VSZ rebalance APs between nodes in a cluster without running a command to rebalance? Does it have a defined time on how often it will check the overall status then rebalance the APs on which node it will be assigned? If you could share a detailed guide on how does the VSZ does this step by step it would be great. Thanks in advance!


RUCKUS Team Member


In SZ system the AP determines which node it connect to.

When it first gets configured it is given a list of control nodes available (C-list) in a pseudo random order.  This should help spread out the AP load across multiple nodes.

The AP will change nodes when the existing node stops responding to the AP initiated heartbeat messages (typically 12 heartbeats over 60 seconds).

When an SZ node is unreachable for network reasons, node outage or perhaps congestion the initial balance can change.

The AP's will naturally get somewhat re balanced over time based on congestion of the nodes but usually they will remain unbalanced.

For this reason there is a re-balance AP option in the System::Cluster page under the "more" menu.

When manually re-balanced the SZ will calculate the existing load on each node and send a new "C-list" to the AP's in an order that should re-balance the AP's across the multiple nodes and the AP's are informed to go into re-balance mode.  It takes a few minutes for this calculation and configuration to be sent to the AP' s and about 40 minutes for the re-balance to work.

Unfortunately today there is no automatic re-balance feature - it must be manually executed.

I hope this answers your question.

Thanks for choosing Commscope/Ruckus products.

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