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Social Media Sign In - Google


Hello! Does anyone have a working example of the Social Media Sign In feature that was released in vSZ v6.0? Specifically I am wondering about the Google sign in option. Has anyone managed to get this feature working? Support has acknowledged that their engineers do not have documentation for it, so I'm not really sure how we're supposed to be expected to use the feature. 


I've poured countless hours into the configuration, and made a lot of progress, but ultimately have not been successful. Curious if anyone else in the community has worked out this mystery. 



A quick update here. Senior support engineers are working with the dev teams on this issue. We believe it's a problem with the final redirect in the process, where the port is switched from 9998 to 9997 in the browser. This is causing a major certificate issue that most modern browsers (with the exception of Firefox) will not let you bypass. 


Hopefully a fix is released soon.