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SmartZone "Crash mode" ??

New Contributor III
today we experienced insufficient disk space situation on our VMWare host where the SmartZone was installed. We moved that VM to another datastore and started VM with no problem. SmartZone is accessible via ssh but all services are down:
  show service
% All services are down

If I try to start services I got this message:

Starting all services...
Process had been started before and running...
System is in crash mode, please contact system administrator...
Successful operation

CRASH mode ? How to switch back to regular mode?
I can't find any information about crash mode. 
Does anyone have experience with this situation?


I didn't have luck.
The technician from the support set the vSZ easily to Normal mode. But none of the services were able to start. We tried to manually start services but with no success. After some time vSZ was gone to Crash mode again. They tried several time switching to Normal mode and to start even one service, but...nothing.
I created a new instance and restore a backup of the cluster, created earlier. Now, I'm waiting for the support to deal with the licenses, because the serial number of the vSZ has changed.

I wasn't able to run a backup on the old vSZ because it needed some service to be up 😞
So, if you don't have a backup of the cluster you'll need to configure vSZ from the scratch.