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SmartZone "Crash mode" ??

New Contributor III
today we experienced insufficient disk space situation on our VMWare host where the SmartZone was installed. We moved that VM to another datastore and started VM with no problem. SmartZone is accessible via ssh but all services are down:
  show service
% All services are down

If I try to start services I got this message:

Starting all services...
Process had been started before and running...
System is in crash mode, please contact system administrator...
Successful operation

CRASH mode ? How to switch back to regular mode?
I can't find any information about crash mode. 
Does anyone have experience with this situation?


New Contributor III
Hello vmiro,

I think the best advice I can give would be to log a case with Ruckus Support, as there are likely a number of steps required, including manually forcing the system out of crash mode which requires elevated access to the SZ shell.



RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Vmiro,

Crash mode indicates a major error occurred in the vSZ data base system, and the system goes into this mode to prevent further damage to the data base.

Unfortunately rebooting the node will not clear Crash Mode, you need to open a ticket with Ruckus Support who need to access your system remotely and enter into the operating system to clear the crash mode and also check for errors in the logs indicating what issues may have occurred.  This can only be done by Ruckus support.

Crash mode is verified by running the SZ command: show cluster-state

N1# show cluster-state 
   Current Management Service Status : Out of service   
   Current Node Status : Out of service   
   Cluster Status      : Out of service   
   Cluster Operation   : None   
   System Mode         : Crash   
   Cluster Node Information   
   No.   Name                     Role           
   ----- ------------------------ -----------    
   1     N1-C                     LEADER

The only way for a user to clear this state is to factory default the system and rebuild the configuration.

The quickest and cleanest way to fix the problem is to have the state manually fixed by Ruckus Support who can also check the logs and then allow services to be restarted.

Sorry for the problems this has caused.

New Contributor III
Thanks guys for the reply!
I've opened a ticket and waiting for the tech intervention.


Hi @vmiro
How about your issue? 
Unfortunately, I got the same issue. Now I am waiting the Ruckus Support.