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Setting to change for signal strength

New Contributor II

Hi guys would like to know is there any setting we can see in ZD1200 to change for signal strength,

One of our customer asking to "change the setting to only switch connection when a device is going to be out of range instead of connecting the device based on signal strength".

Right now their AP are set to detect the device and communicate with other AP to pass the connection of the device only when the device is far away from the initial connected AP.



Hi Ameryrul,

I think you are referring to BSS-minrate and/or smart roam.

Check the WLAN settings and see if BSS minrate is set to 12 or 24Mbsp. Disable it.

However, client roaming to other AP is not something you can control from controller or from AP side. Roaming is a client decision.

Alternate way is, create dark zones (some area between each AP where there is no coverage) but this is not at all recommended, as I am not sure what is the customer use case for this kind of requirement.

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