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SZ upgrade patch file removed by system?!?

Contributor II
Hi All,

So, friday I upload patch 3.6.0 to two SmartZone clusters. It's validated, and listed as ready to be applied on the cluster.
We leave for the weekend.
Today, monday, we come back and have a scheduled service window with the customer, and the patches are gone!
Why the frack does the cluster remove a wooping 980MB patch, that is uploaded and ready?

I've seen it once before, but this time it's two clusters at the same time.
This is a scary situation - what else does the cluster just delete when it feels like it?
Why does it delete things the admin has added, and needs?

Cluster version: 3.5.1
SZ 100's

So far it seems to run ok, but we do see a lot of Connection Failures reported on the AP's, though only a few raise alarms on it.. there is another thread on that issue.

Mine is still on the SZ. Will check it again in the afternoon.