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SSID stops broadcasting after enabling Tunneling

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Hey guys, so I'm working on both ESXi 7 & vDP and getting that setup for deployment. The issue I face is when enabling tunneling, the SSID stops broadcasting, and upon disabling, it rebroadcasts the SSID. I spoke on this matter before about it could potentially be a networking issue, however I figured I'd start fresh on ESXi first.

I have the network adapters both set on VM Network. I understand for tunneling to establish - the AP needs to talk to the vDP. Our rXg handles all data provisioning. I have the vDP on an internal IP, and a routable IP. Firewall ports are are open for 23233. 

Both the vDP and vSZ are on the same subnet. vSZ is able to talk to the remote AP's and vice versa, it's just the issue I have is establishing that tunnel. Can the vDP be on both the VM Network? Having a hard time trying to understand how this deployment is set up. I've read How-To's on setting it up, but if anyone has a simpler method - that'd be appreciated. 

I have the host and the rXg in at a colo, and the AP's are remote. 


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Hi @kristphr ,

Verify the vDP connectivity from the AP cli, use below command to verify the tunnel status from the AP.

rkscli: get tunnelmgr

In the output you will see "SCG-D IP List: +1@[]  (eg: is your VDP IP)

rkscli: get syslog log

Vijay Kuniyal

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