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SSID disappearing from WLANs groups in both zones.

New Contributor III

Hello, we have vsmartzone with have two zones with more than 4 groups wlans each.

The groups have different numbers of ssid, a few with 11 ssids, others with 9 or 8.

My problem is that a specific ssid is been ''removed'' from time to time from my groups in my two zones, a few times is in all groups and others is only some of the groups, is confirmed that the ssid really stop propageted this specifc ssid.

There is no event of why it s happening.

One of the zones is 3.6 firmware and the the other 5.2, currently the controller is in version

The ssid is a wpa2 network, using vlan and layer 2 filter (MAC auth based). There is nothing more or different from my others ssids, so I don't know why this happening and why is with only this ssid and not the others.

Any orientation of how to fix this situation is appreciated.

OBS: I know that this number of ssids and groups is not heathly for my RF environment, but is working and the owners/boss is not willing to change this situation, so just bear it please.


Valued Contributor II

Do you mean that SSID literally is deleted from vSZ configuration? Or it is just not present on APs?

If last case, than check how many WLAN  you actually have on affected  AP, there is a limit, and mesh is calculated in this max. So I suppose it is possible, that you enable mesh on zone and lose some SSID. 

Also. make sure that if you have that many SSIDs, that minimal management rate is set to 12Mbps, or it will heavily impact your WLAN performance. By default all manegment traffic is sent on 1Mbps, so 6 SSIDs will use most of the bandwidth available just for technical communication.

Hope this helps.   

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New Contributor III

Hi, the situation was that there was two APs models using the wlan groups that had/have the limit of 16 ssids, each mean that is only 8 different ssids because the 16 count is like SSID test(2.4ghz) + test(5ghz) = 2 ssids. 

As a suggestion Ruckus could create a event that alert this when this situation happen  and not only make the ssid disappear as is now...

Thanks ! 

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