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SSID Replication

New Contributor

Hi, We had one zone in which there was only 1 SSID.
Afterwards, we created another exact same zone except the authentication part different. Now all the AP's are throwing two SSID's with the same name. The only difference b/w the two SSID is the numbering.

For ex. Old Zone SSID: Hello_Ruckus.

            New Zone SSID: Hello_Ruckus 2

Is this happening due to the stale configuration the AP's have of the deleted zone?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello Netoyed,

You had one Zone, then you created another one with a different SSID, is it correct?

Have you moved the AP's to this new zone?

Go to Wireless Lan -> Click in your zone

- Check which WLAN you have in this Zone.

(If you have two SSIDs in this specific zone, that's why AP's are broadcasting both SSIDs)

If you moved the AP's to the new zone and the new zone are showing only one SSID and the AP's still broadcasting the two WLANs, this is not a expected behavior.

In this case, I suggest to you try to reboot or factory reset one AP and see if it resolves.

If you have many APs in this state, you may want to open a support case to look futher.

Bruno Andrade | Principal TSE Bulldog Americas | RCNA | CWNA | CWDP
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