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Ruckus vSZ-E or vSZ-H

New Contributor III


I'm reaching out to this community for some clarity on choosing between the two. I currently have vSZ-E installed, but I'm second guessing myself on installing vSZ-H. No activity yet on this instance, as we're still in the testing phases of using it, and I'm just working my way around this platform to familiarize myself with it. 

Is it best for me to just install High Scale if we're potentially managing multiple properties? Or can vSZ-E get this job done? We currently manage 2 properties, both under 50 units. We're in the process of transitioning off of Ruckus Unleashed to vSZ @ our DC. But as we proceed to add more properties, and more AP's/Switches, that'd obviously mean we'd need to scale.

Could someone break this down for me in simple terms on what I should use going forward? Can vSZ-E manage this? or should I go with High Scale for a ~better safe than sorry~  method?