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Roaming with Ruckus wifi

New Contributor II

Dear all,

Systems are using Smartzone 100 and AP ( R310). 

My custommers uses wifi and have some appilication video call like is : whatsapp, viber.... But when they move from AP to other AP and while keep using Apps ( the client will roaming ) , signal video call has been lossed some second . 

i want to know with this case, how about the delay time of roaming ? can do inscrease time delay in my system ?

Thanks so much !


New Contributor III

in case of local breakout the mac address of the client swaps to another switchport, depending on your network configuration it can drop some packets before the server gets the connection back

best practice for voice/video is to use tunneling, so your mac address will always be at the same switch port.

if using local breakout. do you have time for delay with tested ? and Is there any way to reduce delay time when using local breakout ? Thanks 

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Hoang,

Roaming depends upon multiple factors.

Is this a encrypted SSID or open? If it is a encrypted SSID, please go to WLAN settings and enable BSS fast roaming (802.11r) and neighbor listing (802.11k). This will reduce the roaming delay between the APs and will help delay sensitive applications.

Another factor is, APs placement and signal overlapping between the APs. For the best roaming experience, signal overlapping of coverage between two APs should be 25%. If coverage overlapping is very high, it will cause interference.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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@syamantak_omer  the ssid is open. pls help me details more about coverage overlapping for wifi system . Thanks !

New Contributor III

try tunneling, would be the easiest to check if it works.

Undertsanding RF is moe complicated and moving the APs is more work.