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Remote uploading SZ FW takes forever and then fails..

Contributor II
Hi All,

We manage multiple customers ZD's & SZ's around the world. Many of those, needs to be managed from the other side of the globe, often via VPN connection to the site.

When we need to upgrade the SmartZones, it's a wooping 900+MB file that needs to be send across the wires, which often fails due to, what seems as, admin login timeout.
1: Why can't the SmartZone ask the Ruckus Website what FW versions is available, and fetch the next version directly from there in the background? Just like Apple, Microsoft, Android and all the others do?
2: Why is the session timing out during an active upload session?

It says 'smart' in the product name, but it's not really delivering in this regard..


why can't the session timeout not be changed!

Esteemed Contributor II
Answer number one, your controller does not auto-upgrade, because many customers "qualify" a release
of firmware, prior to upgrading their production environment. Second reason, would be when new firmware
doesn't support older model APs that might still be in use.

I have no control over session timeout though, I'm afraid.

Hi Michael,
I never stated that I want it to auto-upgrade. I stated that the SZ should be able to download the software image directly from the Ruckus support site, just like Windows Update, Mac OS X Updates etc does.

Those systems can query the SU servers and get a list of possible updates - it should not be rocket science to implement that.

And now another 'bug' is showing:

Friday I uploaded, with success, the 3.6 IMG to two SZ's - a whooping 980MB each - and now when I come back after the weekend and have a service window for the upgrade, the cluster has removed the upgrade from the system!

Why the f.... does it remove a patch uploaded and ready to be installed????

I'm furious!

Jakob, I don't speak for product management for your suggested "should be able to download directly from Ruckus support site",
and I certainly advise all customers to plan with much consideration before performing an SZ cluster upgrade.  I hope you will/have
contact to tech support if your upgrade is having problems!  If upgrading over remote links takes too long, perhaps it might be wise
to move the firmware image to the local data center where your SZs reside and upgrade across local LAN? (and I don't know all or
other details I admit.)