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RADIUS not working with new vSZ 5.2???

New Contributor III
I currently have a ZoneDirector 3050 which is setup to use RADIUS and it works perfectly. I am trying to configure a new Virtual SmartZone 5.2 that I setup using Hyper-V connect using RADIUS as well, but RADIUS keeps failing. I have tried to replicate the similar settings I have on the ZD3050 but it constantly fails. Has anyone ran into this issue and resolved it successfully?  I'm thinking there are some settings i'm missing somewhere, but I feel like I have tried everything. 

Hi, we are using Ruckus vSZ (5.2) and Radius (Windows NPS) on both Hyper-V and VMWare and it's working.
You cannot use 5.2 version and proxy your requests through SmartZone because there is some bug currently in that release (

So you have to use non-proxy if you are on 5.2 at least.
If you still need help you can contact me on Teams (anders.grandt(at)

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That video doesn't help my issue. I've watched it 20 times. 9xmovies The only Connection Request Policy which communicates with my Virtual SmartZone is when I create a Condition for "Client IPv4 Address". Which is great to see the green "Success" display during testing in vSZ, but it returns with "None group is associated with this user.". tubemate , mobdro ?

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Was there any resolution to this issue? I am having the same issue with a virtual Smartzone controller. 

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I am having the same issue with a virtual Smartzone controller too.

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Hi all,

We had the same problem, even AAA tests in the vSZ (5.2) failed.

I have a possible solution:

- At the radius server, make sure your account matches the current network policy (Policies > Network Policies > Select your network policy > Conditions). If you have used the NPS wizard to setup network policies, it will create a condition: NAS port type "Wireless - IEEE 802.11". Remove this one if this exist. Select a user group (For example security group "Domain users") or another condition it should match.
- After that, restart all your smartzones (software- or hardware appliances doesn't matter).
- The AAA test in the vSZ should now pass and you should be able to connect to the the wifi network with 802.1x as authentication type.