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R300 cannot connect to vSCG

New Contributor
We have a problem to connect R300 with the vSCG. In configuration APs menus, we've got information that the provision stage is "Waiting for Registration."
In the event log, we've got the message that "R300 is not being upgraded with vSCG Enterprise AP Firmware because of ACL setting." Anyone facing the same problem ? Please share, what is the solution of this connection problem ? We are using the firmware version for the R300 and vSCG Thanks a lot..

Hi Emanuel,

Login to the vSCG cli and use the floowing commands.

# configure
# lwapp2scg
# policy accept-all

Also Check all ACLs and open ports (mentioned in the configuration guide ) are verified.Also be aware of the Management Interface ACL selection .

Let me know 


New Contributor III

Hi Emanuel,

We had the same problem here. By changing  the policy as stated above seemed to solve the problem. You still have to SSH into the AP and set the director to the IP address of your vSCG. It seemed to work intermittently from then on. Let me know how you get on.

New Contributor
Thank You Munish & Paddy, problem was solved by installing the firmware 2.6, then do what Munish recommend &  set the Auto provisioning : enabled, SCG Agent : enabled.
After set the IP address to vSCG, then voila!!.. the R300 connected to the vSCG, install the bootstrap and upgraded the firmware to 3.0.3.. It works well now.
Thanks for your advice guys..

E. Andhy

Thanks Emanuel . Happy to help !