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Query multiple clients by username Smartzone API

New Contributor

Hi team,


I have a Smartzone High Scale in a 6.1 version and I need to query some clients by searching for Radius username, I tried using fulltextSearch but it only returns one user at a time and I have a list of users to search, so how can I use the API to do this? Below the Json body I tried.

POST : https://X.X.X.X:8443/wsg/api/public/v11_0/query/client?serviceTicket=ST-692-9dPn6gPbUfQaQNBSoOCL-serhbere

"filters": [
"type": "ZONE",
"value": "e400901f-6482-4853-9832-aab213f3bdd0"

"value": "vivecampana",
"type": "AND",
"value": "cleiton",
"type": "AND"

What is wrong with my sintax??




RUCKUS Team Member

fullTextSearch does not support an array - i.e you can add only one search in the body. The value parameter does not support an array either.

filters is always an OR, but it does not support the username parameter.

extraFilters is always an AND, so it does not help for your case.

Unfortunately, I don't see an easy way to fetch the information you want. You can retrieve all clients per domain, zone, AP or wlan, then filter the results at your application.

Hi Molinari,  I imagined that what i have tried is not supported by API schema, so i ll think in other ways to achieve that!

Thank you for answer, 

best regards