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Not seeing zoneFlex R610 in Smartzone 100

New Contributor III
The PWR & CTL LED lights are solid so I know that it got the IP and is talking to the Smartzone 100.

I can ping the IP it was assigned(10.*.*.102), I determined it by looking at the previous online AP's that are online.

However I am not seeing it in the list of online AP's in on my dashboard.

Can anyone help me with this?

Im new to Ruckus technology


Ping from SZ100 by CLI ? If not you should do it so. & check ports on firewalls on the trace btw AP & SZ

I can ping from SZ100 to the IP which I believe is the AP. it takes 1 hop.

I cant get into the AP via SSH because i cant find the credentials....VERY documentation!

ok I did a remote cli command ...the traceroute shows 1 hop to the Smartzone . So no firewall blocking it.

Contributor III
How do the AP's learn about the SZ IP address? If you can ping, can you ssh and 'show scg ip'?

what SSID's does the AP broadcast? Is there a change the firmware on the AP is Unleashed so is solid on CTL becuase it has become an Unleashed Master?