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New Contributor
We have recently had an issue where one of our two Smartzone 100 controllers went down. When we brought it back up, it only seem to be showing 17 access points on the dashboard even though we actually have 117 ap's. We have since rebooted both controllers but the problem seems to remain. If we goto the cluster settings it does say that we have 117 ap's, but the dashboard is still only showing 17. Has anyone seen this issue before? Wi-Fi around the site seems to be working fine.

New Contributor II
Dear Gordon Berry, We had also faced after rebooting the SZ100 , the same kind of issue it might be a data plane communication issue, In my case, Those not showing AP's can allow clients to associate it provides internet, even i can able to SSH on those AP's but it wont be visible on SZ, I raise a case they run  some command on debug mode, Then it resolved,Dont Reboot the controllers again, it might leads to some other issue, Kindly raise a case & all the best.
regards,Arun -

Contributor III
Any chance you have a filter saved in the "default" view? On the top right of the UI you can select zones / groups to view and you can override the "default" view. Normally you would change the view and save it with a different name but maybe you accidentally altered the default filter ? This filter will be global . Are All the 17 aps visible part of the same group or zone ?

New Contributor
Thanks for relying Arun/Diego. We logged a ticket with Ruckus and they told us to run the below command on the Leader controller which resolved the issue

controller(config)# debug
controller(debug)# reindex-elasticsearch-all