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How to Remove inactive Ap from Event Management vsz

New Contributor III
i need to retire access points form the VSZ while i can keep the information until the renovation project is done and then able to put back on service

Contributor III
Hi Tamer,

If your question is, if removing the AP from ceiling while leaving the AP information in the controller un-touched ? Yes that can be done and reconnect the AP when ever you want and it will be in service from there on.

Hope I have answered your question, if not please elobarate.

Thank you.

Abilash PR.

New Contributor III
yes this is my question , but i don't wanna the vSV keep sending alert message, is there is a way to remark this AP as not to be monitored until its been replaced or installed again?

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Tamer,

The last event that should be logged for disconnected AP's is the AP disconnect event 303.

After that the AP will remain in offline state and should not be generating new logs until it is connected again.

You could always delete the AP from the SZ (which also reduces the number of used licenses) but then you would have to re-create the configuration in the SZ when it connects again.  If you plan to have these AP's connected in future I think it is best to leave them in the data base.

I hope this helps