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Multicast on Zone Director 3050

New Contributor


I have been trying to get multicast working on our WiFi network. Here is a synopsis of the setup.
A zone director 3050 running version build 145. Managing mainly r600 APs with a few other models sprinkled in. There is an WLAN configured with a VLAN ID. The SSID is being broadcast. I can connect to the SSID and assign myself an ip address to get on the network. When on the network, I can reach other machines as expected. Now when I run a client on my machine (laptop) to view multicast video streaming from a camera server, I am not receiving the video.

To isolate certain points, I configured a standalone AP off the Zone Director (r600 firmware Through this AP the multicast video streaming worked.

Back on the Zone Director, there is a setting enabled "tunnel mode" on the WLAN. This blocks multicast video streaming packets (per documentation). If I disable this, this breaks wireless communication on that network. I am not sure why though.

Following some other forums, I tried looking at directed-multicast, qos services, etc., but none of those worked. Any leads will help. Thanks.