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Migration from ZD1200 to Cluster SZ100 x 2

New Contributor
how to migrate ZD full configuration of WLAN,ZONE, MAC Address Filtering into SmartZone,
Referring into this KB mention only AP can be migrate not all configuration from ZD.

Need advice on this thing. If cannot it is need to configure manually into Smart.

My plan as per below, please comment if i missing something.

1. UP 1 box of SZ100-1 and setting cluster.
2. Import all AP from ZD using migration toll
3. Manually config for zone, WLAN, client filtering, guest ssid, etc.
4. New SZ100-2 joined cluster and synd with primary.
5. As all AP and controller in same subnet, both new SZ100 with connected to the switch using 1 eth port. 
6. no need to connect point to point between SZ100

Please advise.